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Project Overview

TEAS, an acronym for Tertiary Education Advisory Services, is dedicated to unleashing the potential of tertiary education across Africa, starting with Ghana. With a mission to enhance accessibility and equity in higher education, TEAS endeavors to revolutionize educational institutions by providing them with the necessary data and insights for sustainable growth.

Focused on addressing the pressing challenges within the educational landscape, TEAS aims to enhance visibility for educational institutions and streamline the admission process for students.


  • Keyspecs, leveraging its engineering expertise, spearheaded the development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in collaboration with TEAS. Through strategic leadership, Keyspecs guided the team to deliver a robust solution tailored to meet the unique demands of the educational sector.
  • We worked closely with TEAS to identify and explore various business opportunities within the target market. By fostering a collaborative environment, we facilitated the discovery of untapped potential, laying the groundwork for future growth and expansion.
  • Keyspecs formulated a comprehensive growth and marketing strategy aimed at customer acquisition. Drawing upon market insights and industry expertise, the strategy was designed to position TEAS as a leader in the field, driving engagement and fostering sustainable growth.

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